the Reflector™ - Lash Mirror


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The Reflector™

The Reflector is the perfect accessory for lashing. Ergonomically designed for ease of use, the gripped handle makes it easy to hold and maneuver. The shape allows you to hold it with your left or right hand, depending on which eye you are working on, and the large mirror design allows you to see a full set of lashes effortlessly. It also allows you to check the seal of your client’s eyelids without having to look around the lashes. Made of stainless steel, The Reflector is easy to clean. The Reflector is also great to see both front and back of the lashes at the same time in your photographs. Never miss another lash with The Reflector.

Zachary Falb Tips

The first time I saw The Reflector I knew it was true lash love. It felt so sturdy and solid yet easily controllable and able to be held in both hands. After I place my gel pads and stickers, I use The Reflector to ensure the eye is closed and sealed. I don’t want to see the whites of the eye or any gaps where fumes might contact the client’s eyes. I also like to see an underside view of the lash line as this will help me determine the different layers of the natural lashes. All these different angles and views allow a stylist to better understand the client’s lash line and perform a smarter and better fitting set of extensions. The placement of the logo is genius – it doesn’t matter if you hold it in your right or left hand, the logo is placed at the correct angle so snap away photos of your beautiful lash work! The view of those sweeping extensions, the dark lash line, the curve of the eyeline – The Reflector shows off your talent and provides lash artists an accurate reflection of their work.


Additional Information


  • Stainless steel
  • Large mirror
  • Long handle with grip


  • Helps you see each lash, gel patch, or Under-Eye Sticker at various angles
  • Ergonomically designed for use with either hand
  • Easy to clean after each client