Why Get Certified?_DNU

There are many lash brands you can train with, but you shouldn’t get certified with the first one you find. As the first and most awarded eyelash extension company in the world, NovaLash can help you build a successful, long-term career. Learn why lash extensionists worldwide have chosen to join #TeamNovaLash!  

NovaLash Is The World’s Healthiest Lash Brand 

NovaLash has set the industry standard for eyelash extension quality and safety. NovaLash was the first lash brand in the world to create human-safe adhesive and physician-developed formulas and techniques. Your clients want to maintain the health of their eyes, so give them the reassurance they need by using NovaLash. 

NovaLash Is The Most Awarded Lash Brand In The World 

False lashes are a huge trend, and to build a successful lash extension business, you need to stand out from the rest. NovaLash is the most award-winning lash brand on the planet, and our products and technique are specifically designed to achieve beautiful, long-lasting lashes in about half the time. By providing your clients with the very best products in the eyelash industry, you’ll set yourself apart from the competition.  

NovaLash Helps You Build A Loyal Customer Base

When properly applied, NovaLash lash extensions can last up to 8 weeks – 2 times longer than the next leading competitor. Long-lasting lashes make for happier customers since they can spend more time enjoying their new look and less time in your chair. This builds customer loyalty and gives you more time in your schedule to take on new clients.  

NovaLash Eyelash Extensions Boost Your Profitability 

NovaLash products are created to give you the most bang for your buck – with superior adhesive and high-quality packaging and shipping methods, NovaLash adhesive has the longest shelf-life on the market. Unlike competitors with shelf lives between 1-2 months, NovaLash adhesive has a 6-month shelf-life. Since NovaLash adhesive is good until the last drop, you can spend less money replenishing your products and maximize your profitability.   

You’ll Learn From The Best – Continuously 

NovaLash was the first eyelash extension company in the market and essentially created today’s false lash industry. When you join Team NovaLash, you’ll train with top, global experts in the field. You’ll hone your skills with lots of hands-on practice, learn key business-building tips, and surround yourself with skilled lash professionals and mentors. Plus, NovaLash offers continuous training opportunities so you can add to your skills and keep building your business for years to come.