Royal Platinum Bond Lash Adhesive

Royal Platinum Bond Lash Adhesive


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Oil-Proof and Instantly Waterproof! Low-Viscosity and Ultra-Fast Setting!

NovaLash’s Royal Platinum Bond is the fastest drying lash extension adhesive in the Platinum Bond series, which is the most awarded lash adhesive line in the world. This oil-proof and instantly waterproof lash adhesive is formulated to dry in about 3 – 6 seconds, depending on your preferred humidity level. This fast-drying lash adhesive secures your volume fans in seconds and ensures they remain open, fluffy and perfectly placed on the natural lash. The low viscosity and ultra-fast setting reduce lash application time and allow you to apply more extensions, giving your clients thicker, fuller lashes. The thinner consistency means smoother, cleaner bases with less adhesive and a lighter fan weight. The Royal Platinum Bond is great for experienced lash artists who want faster drying adhesive and is also great for classic lash extensions.

*Only London Volume Certified Lash Stylists May Purchase This Product


Key Information


  • Part of the beauty industry’s most awarded lash extension adhesive line
  • Extremely fast drying substance
  • Instantly waterproof and oil-proof formula
  • Securely cures in 3-6 seconds depending on humidity levels – higher humidity, faster curing
  • Thinner consistency, allowing a smoother, cleaner lash line with a lighter fan weight
  • Lengthy shelf life of up to 6 months from date of manufacture
  • Only sold to London Volume Certified professionals
  • Packaged in an U.S. FDA inspected facility
  • ICMAD 2007 Cosmetic product Innovation of the year
  • Formaldehyde-FREE


NovaLash adhesives are the only lash extension adhesives on the market that are proven to be formaldehyde-FREE as manufactured, packed, and delivered. When Cyanoacrylate (CA.) based adhesives are exposed to ambient air, Formaldehyde may be formed, therefore, opening a bottle of CA. based adhesives may result in the production of Formaldehyde. NovaLash is best known for its specialized ability to purify and package adhesives in a way that prevents Formaldehyde from forming before Platinum Bond series adhesives are shipped to you.


  • A lower viscosity means less adhesive can be used to achieve thick and full lashes
  • Very fast drying formula allows lash artists to lash faster and reduces the separation time
  • Extremely long lasting and durable, and keeps lash extensions fluffy and perfectly in place
  • Low fumes emitted for increased client comfort during lashing
  • Suitable for high volume techniques and classic lash extensions
  • Appropriate for lashing in any temperature point
  • Great for classic or volume lashes

Key Ingredients:

  • Rubberizing agent for flexibility, durability, and longer wear time

Health & Safety:


Ammonia-containing hair products may cause a chemical reaction with cyanoacrylate, the main component in lash extension adhesives, that causes the adhesive to begin solidifying almost from the moment it leaves the bottle. To get the most out of your adhesive bottle, apply lash extensions in a separate room than hairstylists in your salon. If that room can have its own ventilation, that would be even better. For more information and solutions click here


Additional Information

Weight .025 lbs
Dimensions .875 × .875 × 2.625 in

5ml (0.169 fl. Oz.)