What’s the big deal about being certified anyway?

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With an endless supply of free tutorials available all over the internet, why would anyone invest the time, money or effort to become professionally certified?

Well first, what is professional certification? Professional certification proves a person is equipped with the knowledge, experience and skills to perform a specific job or task. The certificate earned is proof of successful completion of the training and testing measures set out by an organisation of the prescribed standards for their industry. Its advised to investigate that the certification being offered is accredited to guarantee you’re only taught best practices.

These days, a ton of information is readily available at your fingertips, and in the beauty industry being “self taught” has become common place. This practice can be very dangerous and misleading. To some, investing the time, effort and funds to earn a professional certification may seem unnecessary, especially when social media makes the techniques look simple. So why should you make the investment?

Here are 5 reasons you should become professionally certified.

1. The Competitive Advantage

    In the beauty industry, especially in smaller markets, over saturation is always a concern. I firmly believe there is room for all of us - we each have something special to offer. However, this does not mean you shouldn’t set yourself apart from the competition. Certifications keep you abreast of the latest trends, and highlights your commitment to excellence in your profession.

    2. Expand your Skillset

    The beauty industry is ever evolving. By learning new skills and improving on old techniques, you create the opportunity to increase your service offering, or at minimum improve your ability in the services presently offered. It also results in personal growth. With this comes increased confidence and sophistication, which will no doubt radiate to your business.

    3. Increased Earning Potential

      Most clients appreciate there will be a higher charge associated with services that require specialised training and are willing to pay for that expertise. When having services that require a highly skilled technician, we all want a pro, even if it will cost more.

      4. Professional Credibilty

      Industry recognised certifications demonstrate commitment to professional excellence, upholding industry standards and continuous personal improvement. These attributes foster credibility among your peers as well as exisiting clients, encouraging repeat visits and referrals. This will also become part of the reputation that precedes you with future endeavours and potential clients.

      5. Eliminate Inefficiencies

        Professional certification training provides advanced information and techniques. As previously mentioned, the beauty industry is ever evolving. Using up-to-date methods increases your efficiency and the profitability of your business, while minimising losses from old techniques.

        Aesthetics Etcetera has partnered with industry leaders to offer the best in training and certification for lash extension and permanent makeup procedures. Both NovaLash and SofTap have spent many years developing their curricula and are both internationally recognised. Their certified technicians are highly regarded and these certifications make them credible. If you are starting your beauty career or upgrading your skillset, visit www.aestheticsetcetera.com to learn more about these certification courses.

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