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Summer is fast approaching and the season’s best accessory is inarguably a great set of lashes. With your appointment book full and your waitlist overflowing, how can you simultaneously generate more revenue and provide increased value to your client, all without needing more time?

Here’s how. After you’ve worked your lash magic, show your clients how to keep those lashes looking stellar until their next appointment.  One of the major benefits of choosing Novalash is that when applied with any of the patented Platinum Bond adhesives, clients lashes can last a solid 3-4 weeks between refills. Below are a few tips to boost that initial value to your clients and increase the profitability of your business at the same time.

1.Maximise retention with daily maintenance!

Ok…Ok. We know! We say maintenance and everyone hears time consuming work. But what if it meant just 2 simple steps. cleanLASH and the LASHwand by NovaLash are all clients need to
(Step 1) gently wipe the lash extensions in a downward motion to cleanse and (Step 2) brush the extensions, removing any debris and fluff the lashes back into place. It's that simple. 

Your clients automatically increase their lash retention by removing pollutants that could break down the adhesive bond. cleanLASH 3-in-1 lint-free pads  are designed to remove makeup, cleanse the extensions, all while conditioning the adhesive and the natural lashes.  It also reduces the chances of lash mites, which can compromise the client’s natural lash health. Daily brushing with the retractable lash wand keeps the extensions detangled and less likely to shed prematurely.


2. Less primping, more pumping!



Let’s face it.. most of us get all dolled up for an event but spend the entire time trying to avoid sweating our makeup off. 

NovaLash 24hr cream shadows are the perfect solution to this problem! Retailed either as a colour coordinated triptych set with a waterproof liner in a complimentary colour or individually, these shadows are available in 15 shades. This multipurpose product is smooth and easy to blend for the makeup novice, but pigmented and of the highest quality to please the pros. The satin, shimmer or matte finishes are designed to make transitioning a look from day to night a breeze. Best of all, they're sweat proof and water proof for up to 24 hours … so your clients can happily pump away!


3. Close the gaps.


How can your client maintain her flawless lash set between appointments?

With the LASHLiner from Novalash, your client can effortlessly camouflage any spaces along the lash line by dotting this soft, creamy formula between the lashes. The super fine point on the pencil was designed to add colour between the lashes, creating the illusion of more lash follicles. It will disguise any signs of shedding and result in a fuller, darker lash line.

Start increasing your service value this summer. After closing the sale on your lash service, boost its value and make your clients’ lash naps their most important beauty ritual.

All successful service-based businesses are supported by a solid retail element. By suggesting any of these affordable add-ons to their aftercare routine, you guarantee your clients enjoy a better lash experience while making your business more profitable.

Get your retail shelf ready by visiting to find all of these products and more. 

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