The London Volume look is captivating with its extravagant, dark, dense, and fluffy lash line and various elongating, graceful lengths. It produces bigger, bolder more fabulous fans by using thin, extremely lightweight extensions that are applied safely to the natural lash.


Give your clients the mega-volume look they’ve been asking for with London Volume Training. Apply Today!

  • The London Volume course is online and module based, so you can learn at your own pace
  • Using London Volume extensions, which have thinner diameters and lighter fans, you can create a dense and full look that appears more natural than traditional “mega volume” looks
  • Increase your profit margin – London Volume services should be priced about 10-20% above American Volume services
  • Learn to use Royal Platinum Bond® Adhesive, which has a lower viscosity. It’s fast drying, reduces separation time, and requires less adhesive per lash set
  • Lashes are instantly oil-proof and waterproof, resulting in a more satisfied client

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